Become a Member of PEISHA / SAC

How Do I Become a Member of PEISHA?

The Prince Edward Island Speech and Hearing Association (PEISHA) maintains joint membership with SAC. Thus, registering for membership with SAC will allow for membership with PEISHA.To become a member of SAC and PEISHA, please visit

Is there a separate registration form to join PEISHA?

No. Only registration with SAC is necessary.


Full-time Members: $100.00 (SAC fee $313.57)
Reduced hour Members: $67.50 (SAC fee $209.04)
Student Members: no fee

One (1) invoice will be issued, that will include both SAC and PEISHA registration fees.

New student members will receive a 50% discount in their first year as full members following graduation. These fees will be discounted for new student members joining after July 1st, 2014 as per SAC's fee schedule.


Please do not hesitate to forward any questions regarding PEISHA membership to [email protected]


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